We work with all major manufacturers in the industry such as Linpac, in the design supply and installation process of small parts shelving and supporting the business needs of small, medium and large companies. We offer a range of shelving from longspan and mobile to adjustable.

Longspan Shelving

For storage of large items, this adjustable shelving system will meet most storage needs.

Adjustable Shelving

Fully adjustable shelf heights. Can be extended as your needs change.

How Can Small Parts Storage and Shelving Help?

If any of the following apply to your business, Small Parts Storage could solve your storage problems

  • Things are getting too unorganised and there needs to be a specific structure in place to make life easier
  • Need a place to put small and light products that are easily loaded by hand
  • If in your office space there needs to be a system in place where multiple materials can be stored with ease

Mobile Shelving

No need for an aisle for every shelving bay, the units move together, giving you access to one at a time. This is a great space saving solution and is most often use for archiving.

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